The Almshouses


Leamington Hastings Consolidated Charity dates back to the 16th Century being a consolidation of various local charities founded at different times principally to help the poor and needy. The Charity now manages and maintains a row of Almshouses in the village located just around the corner from the historic All Saints Church.


The Almshouses were completely refurbished in 1980/81 having been condemned as uninhabitable during the 1970s. There are now 8 self-contained flats, 4 on the ground floor and floor on the first floor with each flat comprising a bedroom, living room, galley kitchen plus bathroom with toilet and electric shower together with additional storage space . The Almshouses boiler has just been replaced as phase one of a major heating system upgrade with phase two due to be completed in Spring 2015.


The Flats are suitable for either single or double person occupation although as a matter of policy, due to the layout and configuration of the property, the Charity does not allow children to reside in the flats. Larger pets such as cats and dogs are not permitted either.

The Almshouses are designed for “independent living”, because the Charity does not provide any care and support services. Residents therefore must be able to look after themselves or do so with the support of their family and /or specialist care packages which they or their relatives have arranged. Whilst the Charity holds regular Residents’ meetings, publishes a quarterly Residents’ Newsletter and organises other social events, primarily its function is to maintain and preserve the Almshouses for the benefit of existing and future Residents.


For those not familiar with Leamington Hastings, the Almshouses are located in a very tranquil and rural setting with no local facilities (i.e. shops, pub etc) actually in the Village itself. There is a bus service and the Village is close to Dunchurch and Rugby where such facilities are available. Residents therefore do need access either to their own transport or that of others to enable them to go shopping and so on. There is however a good community spirit with Residents looking out for each other and offering help as appropriate.


The Charity’s rules require that first and foremost, it houses people with a “local connection”, with this definition extending to Dunchurch, Southam and Rugby taking in all surrounding villages and hamlets. Residents must also satisfy other “proper beneficiary” criteria.

In common with all other Almshouses, as beneficiaries of the Charity, Residents do not sign a lease but instead Terms of Residence which set out the basis of the relationship between themselves and the Charity.

Provided the Terms of Residence are adhered to, Residents can remain in occupation for as long as they choose or until their own personal circumstances dictate otherwise.


Residents pay a monthly Maintenance Services Contribution which covers their heating and hot water supply plus communal facilities such as the Residents’ lounge, laundry and other communal facilities including grounds maintenance.


The Charity maintains a Waiting List for the Almshouses, please see the information below.


The Charity is run by a small group of Trustees who give their services and time for free and they are supported day to day by Mike Stevens as Clerk.

The Trustees are:

John Fisher (Chairman)

Paul Crawford

Jane Cresswell

Ian Sewel

Eugene Dixon

Joy Mitchell

Sonya West




For further information about either the Charity or the Almshouse, please contact:

 Ms. Alex Rigler, Clerk to the Trustees on 07962 169199 or write to her at 'The Almshouses',  Leamington Hastings, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 8DY.  

email: alexrigler@aol.com